What is Convection Air Roasting?

What is Convection Air Roasting?

What is Convection Roasting?

Here at Great Priced Coffee we proudly roast all our beans ourselves in our one of a kind convection air roaster to ensure great quality coffee.

But what is it about convection roasting that makes better coffee than more traditional methods of roasting?

Typically when roasting coffee the raw green beans are poured into a revolving, super-heated, steel drum. As the drum revolves the beans pass over the hot metal and are cooked from the outside - in. Now unless your coffee roaster knows their stuff this can often result in your beans being roasted unevenly with the outside ending up burnt and the inside undercooked.

Burnt beans will often give your coffee an overly bitter taste and undercooked beans can make it taste kinda sour or almost herby. Which sucks, that’s not what you want from your coffee.

With a convection air roaster the raw beans are poured into a chamber and hot air is pumped in from below throwing all the beans into the air. This keeps all the beans constantly and consistently enveloped in the hot air. The beans are cooked from the inside out ensuring the coffee is evenly roasted throughout.

What does this mean for you though? It means that we are able to constantly and consistently deliver a great cup of coffee every time.

Davie Boy
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