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All Coffee Strong Coffee Beans 320kg

All Coffee Strong Coffee Beans 320kg

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All Coffee Strong Coffee Beans 320kg

Ooft! If you like a real strong coffee kick to get you started in the morning, then this is the one for you - no extra shot required. The perfect strong coffee to give you that extra boost.

Strong Coffee is great for kickstarting your day, chasing those extra reps in the gym or improving your mental focus and performance.

Roasted dark and packed with flavour, from the moment you see the rich nutty crema you know you're in for the perfect strong coffee hit!

As you take your first sip, you'll be enveloped by a rich and full-bodied sensation that coats your palate. The dark roast imparts a deep, smoky aroma that hints at the coffee's journey through the roasting process, evoking images of crackling fires and warm hearths. The boldness of this brew is immediately apparent, with a powerful intensity that lingers long after the cup is empty.

Dark roasted coffee showcases a profile of flavors that ventures into the realm of indulgence. You'll encounter prominent notes of dark chocolate and roasted nuts, a harmonious fusion of bitterness and complexity that appeals to the senses in a profound way. The inherent acidity is subdued, replaced by a satisfying earthiness that adds depth to the overall experience.

The body of our dark roast is full and velvety, a luxurious texture that imparts a certain weight to every sip. This coffee stands as a testament to the skillful mastery of roasting, capturing the beans' innermost qualities and transforming them into a bold, rich cup of inspiration.

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