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Colombian Green Beans 1kg

Colombian Green Beans 1kg

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Colombian Supremo Green Unroasted Coffee Beans

Colombia Is One Of The World's Largest Producers Of Coffee And Is Proficient In Producing Truly Delicious And Sought-After Coffee.

The Climate Plays A Big Part In Bringing Coffee Plantations Across The Region To Pure, Flavorsome Fruition. The Rich Soil, Tropical Climate, And Mountainous Landscape Are Ideal For Cultivating Healthy And Vigorous Coffee Plants. 

These Exquisite, Superior Arabica Coffee Beans, Have A Silky Body And Perfect Balance Between Sweetness And Acidity With Floral Hints And Nutty Undertones.

Colombian Produces Only Washed Arabica Coffees, Highly Considered To Be The Superior Process. 

This Process Produces A Much Cleaner And Brighter Coffee Than Dry Processing And The Coffee Tastes Far More Fruity. The Method Is Essential For Producing Coffee With Its Sought-After Acidity. 

100% Arabica 

Strength: Medium 

Single Origin Coffee 

These Are Raw Beans, Directly From The Farm. While Care Has Been Taken To Remove Any Debris, Some May Remain.

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