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Simply Raspberry Topping Sauce 1 litre

Simply Raspberry Topping Sauce 1 litre

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Simply Raspberry Topping Sauce 1 litre


Add a tart finishing touch to your drinks and desserts with Simply Raspberry Topping Sauce. This fruity topping sauce is packed with delicious flavour as well as bright red colour.

Raspberry goes hand in hand with chocolate and vanilla, making this a great all-rounder.

Our range of Simply Topping Sauces are easy to use and can be used in hot and cold drinks as well as desserts.

Use to decorate your cup before pouring in your drink, as an extra topping over whipped cream or drizzled over cakes and desserts. With a variety of flavours including sugar free and dairy free, our sauces have something for everyone.

Suitable for vegans
Suitable for Halal 

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