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Zuma Hot Chocolate 2KG

Zuma Hot Chocolate 2KG

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Zuma Hot Chocolate

Organic, Fairtrade, natural hot chocolate direct from Peru
With a 40% cocoa content Zuma's natural chocolate has an unadulterated and complex taste. Unique to the region where it is grown, this cocoa is non-alkalized which gives it its distinctive warm red tones. Zuma buy their cocoa directly from the Naranjillo Co-operative in Tingo Maria, Peru. Grown locally in three regions of Peru, the cocoa is also processed on site which means more money stays in the co-operative for the benefit of the workers and their families.

• Just organic, Fairtrade cocoa and sugar, nothing else
• No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
• Registered for vegetarians and vegans by The Vegan Society

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